Meagan Good Divorce Split with DeVon Franklin

Meagan Good Divorce Split with DeVon Franklin

Meagan Good is an American actress we all know from “Stomp The Yard.” She has made some big changes in her life after her divorce from DeVon Franklin. According to official court records, Meagan officially said goodbye to any legal connection with her ex-husband in June 2022. But what was the reason behind Meagan Good Divorce from DeVon Franklin?

The couple has been having issues for over a year. Both were not giving enough time to each other and were busy in their careers and this was the sole reason for their divorce. Now, she wants to be known as Meagan Monique Good.

DeVon Franklin started the divorce process in December 2020, pointing to differences they couldn’t fix. The court papers tell us they officially started their journey together on June 16, 2012, and announced divorce in December 2021. They finalized their split in June 2022.

Meagan has moved on after the divorce. In fact, she is now dating the famous American actor Jonathan Majors for a while. They seem to be pretty happy in this relationship.

What was the Reason Behind Meagan Good Divorce to DeVon Franklin?

The couple had been facing problems for a while. Reports say they spent very little time together in the year before the divorce. It wasn’t a sudden decision; it was more like many problems that piled up over time. At Meagan Good age, this is a wise decision for her future.

Meagan and DeVon worked things out in a friendly way during their divorce. They agreed on some important stuff. First, there’s no shared stuff between them – no shared property or debts. Second, and surprisingly, they both decided not to ask for any money help from each other. This means no going back to court later to change things.

In a statement they released together last year, Meagan and DeVon explained that they were going in different directions. They made it clear that nobody was to blame. They were grateful for the time they spent together and the good things they brought into each other’s lives.

how long did meagan good date devon franklin
Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin (Source: Instagram)

DeVon wanted things to move fast, so he quickly gave all the needed money info after filing for divorce. Meagan, on the other hand, didn’t hire a lawyer. Instead, she and DeVon worked together behind the scenes to settle things quickly. DeVon even paid for his own legal expenses in the case.

Who is Meagan Good in a relationship with?

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good are dating, not married, despite recent rumors. Jonathan, known for his role in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” jokingly called Meagan “the missus” at a public event. But, a close source assures that they haven’t tied the knot.

Meagan Good and Larenz Tate hosted an event in Washington D.C. where Jonathan playfully called Meagan “the missus.”  Some people thought they secretly wed, but it wasn’t true.

Is Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors Married
Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good (Source: Instagram)

Is Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors Married?

A person close to the couple clarified that Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good are not married. The people who speak for Jonathan, 35, and Meagan, 43, haven’t said anything about it yet.

Jonathan and Meagan started dating in May, right after Meagan’s divorce from DeVon Franklin. They were friends for a long time, and Meagan has been a big support for Jonathan.

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Jonathan had some legal problems and he was on a trial for assault in a New York taxi in March. He says it’s not true, calling it a “witch hunt.” He even filed a complaint about domestic violence, saying it was a tough time in their relationship.

Even with Jonathan’s legal issues, Meagan’s friends support her decisions. They understand her choices, seeing her move from her previous marriage to a new relationship with Jonathan Majors as a positive change.

Moving on After Divorce

Meagan Good took divorce from DeVon Franklin in June 2022 after being together for 9 years. Both separated their ways and wished luck to each other for their future.

Meagan Good has been rumored to be dating Jonathan Majors and that is true. Jonathan Majors calling Meagan Good “the missus” got people talking, but the truth is they’re not married. Meagan and Jonathan are sticking together and trying to make things work as their relationship faces challenges.


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