Modernizing Your Home: Incorporating Contemporary Trends Into Your Bathroom Design

Does your bathroom gives off those old vibes? Perhaps the once-trendy décor now seems cumbersome, and the fixtures and finishes are starting to show their age. Or is it the total opposite, where the bathroom looks too modern, and the colors are too loud and flashy? Whichever condition your bathroom is in, it may be time to start thinking about modernizing your bathroom.

Modern bathroom design trends are all about simplicity, functionality, and adding personal touches. The best part is that you don’t have to make drastic changes to achieve the desired look. Minor tweaks and updates can transform a bathroom’s look and feel from old to new.

Besides the usual aesthetic and décor benefits, these projects also help increase your home’s value. These projects provide higher ROI if you ever decide to sell, especially if you reside in Tucson, Arizona. Based on a recent report, homeowners in Tucson received 58.9% ROI on mid-range bathroom remodel projects in 2022. Plus, given the city’s 2.3% increase in housing prices in July compared to the previous year, there’s never been a better time to invest in home improvement projects.

So, which design trends should you consider? Here are a few ideas for incorporating contemporary styles into your bathroom design:

Refresh the Shower Area

The shower is arguably one of the most critical components of any bathroom. So, upgrade the area with new tile or stone if it’s beginning to look a bit dated. You can also switch out the shower door and design a walk-in shower to give the area a modern touch.

However, since shower replacement projects are not DIY, research and compare licensed contractors in your area to find the best price and quality. If you reside in Tucson, hire the best Tucson shower replacement company for a successful and cost-effective remodel. These experts can help you choose the finest materials, plan the budget and timeline for the job, and ensure your shower remodel goes off without a hitch.

Add Floating Shelves and Cabinets

Storage is often a common issue in bathrooms, no matter the size. It leaves much of the space cluttered or disorganized, and even if you clean up the area, it quickly reverts to its untidy state.

One simple way to tidy the space is by adding floating shelves and cabinets. These modern storage solutions only take up a little room, as they are mounted on the wall without legs. You can use the shelves to hold and display toiletries, candles, or potted plants, while cabinets are perfect for stashing towels and other items.

Incorporate Nature-Themed Accents

Are you looking to infuse fresh, outdoorsy vibes into your bathroom? Consider adding natural elements such as pebbles, driftwood accents, or a bamboo plant in the corner.

If you have a small bathroom, add mirrors to expand the room’s illusion and earthy elements like wooden boards or a wall hanging with plants. Consider installing stone countertops and flooring for larger bathrooms for a more classic feel.

Another way to introduce nature is by installing a skylight for an open, airy feel.

Invest in New Lighting Fixtures

A good lighting scheme can distinguish between a serene spa-like atmosphere and an oppressive feeling of confinement. Therefore, selecting the right lighting fixtures is essential to illuminate all bathroom elements.

So, replace your traditional vanity lighting with modern pendant lights or chandeliers. Or you can install unconventional sconces for a softer, warmer glow. Play around with different shapes and sizes of lighting fixtures.

You can also use wall lights. Install a backlighting behind the vanity or mirror, or add accent lighting with LED strips.

Remember, a single overhead light isn’t enough for a bathroom. You must combine various light sources to ensure optimal illumination.

Upgrade the Toilet and Sink

Toilets and sinks are often forgotten when it comes to bathroom design. However, these two features are the cornerstone of the space. A broken, dirty, or outdated toilet and sink can spoil the ambiance of a bathroom similar to poorly chosen wall paint.

So, invest in a new toilet and sink that complements your bathroom’s design. Many styles are available, such as dual-flush toilets with modern lines or vessel sinks with handcrafted porcelain.

You can also swap out the sink for a floating vanity, which helps create the illusion of space. Or upgrade the sink to a modern bowl style with clean lines and contemporary colors for a quick bathroom makeover.

Repaint the Walls

Unlike other rooms, bathroom walls need extra protection from humidity. So, opt for semi-gloss or gloss finishes when choosing the paint type for your bathroom. It’ll be more resistant to moisture and easier to wipe down.

Pick soft curves pastel shades such as lavender or blues to create the illusion of space. Or opt for darker hues to infuse a deep, intimate feel.

However, if your bathroom is windowless or lacks natural light, use colors that reflect light instead of absorbing it and create a brighter, more vibrant atmosphere.

Refresh the Vanity Area

Imagine waking up every morning to a dirty, unorganized vanity area. It looks unappealing, and the mess can cause unnecessary stress and ruin your day.

So, to have a relaxing morning routine, upgrade the vanity area. Begin by assessing the condition of the vanity. Replace any broken fixtures and add a new mirror.

Next, it’s time to declutter the counter. Throw away expired products and make space for your items using stylish canisters and storage baskets. Lastly, place scented candles and colorful accessories like makeup brush holders or jewelry boxes to infuse a vibrant feel to the corner.


You no longer have to adjust to a dated bathroom because modernizing your space is now easier than ever. You can start by updating the toilet and sink, adding more storage, and refreshing the vanity area. Painting the walls and changing out lighting fixtures are other easy ways to transform your bathroom.

Since the shower area is often the room’s focal point, you can add style with new tile and grout lines or install a rain showerhead for an added level of luxury. Lastly, bring in plants and cozy rugs to elevate the ambiance and make your bathroom a relaxing retreat.


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