Should I See a Doctor After My Slip and Fall Accident?

Slips and falls are among the most common causes of injuries, affecting all victims differently. This can happen simply because a person wasn’t bracing themselves for the fall. Some people who fall suffer from just minor health problems like swelling or temporary pain.

Nevertheless, for others, it may lead to TBI, bone fractures, torn ligaments, and internal bleeding. Therefore, even if the injury seems minor, you are suggested to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Below I’ve analyzed some reasons you should immediately see a doctor after your injury.

Different Health Problems can have the Same Symptoms

You need to remember that various health problems could show similar symptoms. Attempts at self-diagnosing, therefore, could lead to misinterpretation of the symptoms and incorrect treatment, worsening the situation further. Consistent pain and swelling of the wrist after a slip, for example, could hint towards a sprain, compelling you to simply take painkillers.

These symptoms, however, could also indicate a more intense injury, like a ligament tear or a fracture. If you take painkillers in this situation, they will temporarily reduce the pain and provide comfort but will not address the underlying condition, increasing severity over time. Hence, a professional evaluation could help prevent unnecessary long-term problems and associated costs.

Your Injuries May be More Serious than You Thought.

Even if you are successful at identifying the injuries incurred, there are chances of underestimation of the severity. With the previous example, if you mistake a wrist fracture for a sprain, treating it through rest and over-the-counter medication could mean adding complications. This is because a fracture often necessitates immobilization, physical therapy, and sometimes even surgery, to heal properly. Underestimating the severity in such a case would mean inadequate care, possibly leading to loss of functionality in the area that has been affected or chronic pain.

There May be Hidden Injuries

Most injuries from a slip accident don’t often show up immediately. Internal injuries, like organ damage or internal bleeding, do not present clear symptoms until the condition has intensified. Similarly, soft tissue injuries, like strains or sprains, can initially seem minor but may result in persistent pain, discomfort, and mobility problems if not treated adequately.

Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries also have a more serious, long-lasting effect on health rather than intense short-term symptoms, making them harder to identify without proper medical assistance. “Silent” fractures, with little pain but considerable damage are also a major risk, necessitating visiting a doctor.


You must visit a doctor right after a slip accident, no matter the extent of apparent damage or past medical history. This is especially because of the damage hidden injuries and misdiagnosis of their extent can cause to the person’s physical and mental health.

Remember that the seriousness of an injury is not always determined by the pain or symptoms felt immediately. Some severe conditions can manifest subtle and deceptive symptoms, making them more dangerous as they are harder to diagnose without a thorough examination. Therefore, even a slight delay in getting examined can lead to unnecessary yet severe complications.


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