The Benefits Of Monitoring Your Employee’s Health For Your Business

Employers in New Zealand are now starting to monitor their staff in many different ways and while it is being received in a very positive manner by most, there are other employees who are not happy about it at all. This is because they don’t really understand why it is happening and so they see it as an invasion of their privacy and an unnecessary practice. From a human resource point of view, it is essential that employees are monitored with regard to their activities within the workplace and to their health as well.

The importance of monitoring health

Many employers are now engaging in health monitoring in New Zealand as well as using many different methods to figure out what it is that employees do all day. It is important that these same people are doing the jobs that they are supposed to be doing and that they are getting the help that they need health-wise so that they don’t take any days off sick which allows them to become a lot more productive.

It is all about trying to find the right balance between the benefits of monitoring and the fine line of invading your employee’s privacy.

The following are just some of the benefits of monitoring your worker’s health as well as their everyday activities in the workplace.

  1. It leads to increased productivity – There are been many studies completed on this very subject and it all points to positive outcomes. If an employee knows that they are being monitored in any way at all including health monitoring, it tends to increase productivity levels and this means that your business will be making higher profits and time will be saved throughout the working day. This is just one way to improve employee productivity and there are numerous more.
  2. Peace of mind for all – When it comes to putting health monitoring into place, this is an activity that benefits both employer and employee. The employee gets to know if they have any health issues that need to be addressed and the employer is made aware of any health complications that may occur in the future.
  3. For everyone’s protection – If you are doing health monitoring or you are monitoring work activities, both of these things help to improve everyone’s protection and everyone security. With regard to security, monitoring helps to detect and stop security breaches within the workplace and this includes the leaking of data and other activities that are not allowed on the company premises.


There may be a number of reasons why your staff members are under-performing and it might be from a health point of view or a performance point of view. By putting the necessary things in place to track your employees, you can identify any issues in health or any gaps when it comes to training that is needed that will all help to improve overall performance in the workplace. This all helps to provide peace of mind for everyone and that can only be seen as a very positive thing.


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