The Three Biggest Risks for the Crypto Ecosystem

The Three Biggest Risks for the Crypto Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency is an innovative and exciting technology. However, like many new advancements in the past, there are growing pains and risks you must be aware of. Many of these risks are not unique to crypto and have been seen in various industries, including not just the financial, but also the retail and technology sectors.

As with risks in other areas, the key to keeping safe is to be careful and aware of the biggest risks, so you know in advance what to look for. Here are three of the biggest risks you’ll encounter in the wider crypto ecosystem.

Biggest Risks for the Crypto Ecosystem

Typically, the biggest risks you will see in crypto can be categorized into three broader categories. These risks range from criminal activity to outside sources and technical concerns. These are as follows.

Pressure From Regulators

As a new industry, crypto is under a great deal of review from regulators on the state and federal levels. Many of these regulations, while well intended and designed to protect investors, show a lack of knowledge about such a new industry and the many changes that are currently occurring in it.

This does create risk as regulators could increase pressure on the industry, which could limit end users. Typical methods to avoid future over-regulation involve contacting elected officials, signing posts, and supporting elected leaders with a clearer understanding of crypto, reducing the odds of unneeded impact from regulators.


As with any industry remotely related to financial matters, you have to watch out for scammers and other cybercriminals. Scammers in crypto can take many forms and range from basic fraud to more technologically advanced criminal enterprises that can steal millions of dollars.

Rug pulls are among one of the more nefarious scams found in crypto. A rug puller creates a cryptocurrency or trading platform with the sole intent of collecting customer investments, pulling the rug, and keeping all invested money and crypto. Avoiding scammers in crypto makes use of traditional methods and avoiding platforms or coins that seem untrustworthy or are making claims that are too good to be true.

Broken Encryption

A key aspect of crypto’s safety is the use of strong encryption. However, encryption can become compromised in certain situations. On the end-user side, this is often related to some type of fraud such as dealing with scammers or user error in not making use of strong keys and not taking proper precautions. Avoiding encryption issues can be difficult, but you can reduce risk by making use of every level of protection available to you and being selective about which crypto platforms you do business with.

Final Thoughts

Crypto can be a very useful part of your wider portfolio or as an investment strategy. Staying safe in crypto involves many of the same rules and careful actions you would apply to investing in the stock market or protecting your banking information. Risks are often unavoidable in many tasks as factors outside your control will always exist. By taking proper precautions, you greatly reduce the damage common risks can cause.


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