Top-Rated In-Store Marketing Techniques for 2023 Retailers

If you are a retailer, you are no doubt recovering from the impact of the pandemic and are eager to get sales back up to where they were pre-pandemic. The retail sector has always been highly competitive and with e-commerce taking a larger slice of the pie, you need to use every technique to try and improve sales.

Here are the top in-store marketing strategies to consider in2023.

  • In-store audio messages – Why not create a short audio presentation that highlights selected products? This can be played on a loop, plus you can connect to radio advertising media, which engages the shopper while they are in your store. You can create numerous short presentations and keep an eye on the sales of those products to see if there is a difference. Over time, you can create numerous audio loops and play them at random.
  • Video presentations – Put flat screen TVs at above eye height to give store visitors the chance to watch products that are showcased in film. Placement of digital screens is obviously paramount, and you can experiment to find the best locations. We recommend hiring a video production company to put together short videos to promote specific products.
  • Live events – Why not hire an Italian chef to prepare pasta dishes for your customers to sample? Of course, events should relate to your products; ideas include demonstrations, recipes and demo usage, which might generate interest. Manufacturers invest in sending teams to retail outlets in order to promote their products, which is just what you are looking for.
  • Calls to action – CTAs have long been used to encourage shoppers to purchase goods; placement is important, CTAs should be as close to the product as is possible. Typical text includes, ‘BUY NOW WHILE STOCKS LAST’, ‘SALE ENDS TOMORROW’, REDUCED WHILE STOCKS LAST’ and many others. Click here for information on mobile advertising techniques.
  • Celebrity visits – This is more common in Asia, where TV and music celebrities are hired for a personal appearance to sign autographs and promote specific products. This can really put your store on the map, with new store visitors who will become regular visitors. There are online agencies that represent a host of celebrities and you can find out the cost for such an event.
  • Social media livestreams – Social media can be a very powerful in terms of marketing; you could arrange a livestream for all your Facebook following; create a dynamic script and interview a few happy shoppers, while inviting people to visit your store. You can create an Instagram corner where shoppers can take photos, which is a great way to promote your store and invite new customers.


As you can see, there are quite a few ways to promote your store from within and with some further research, you can choose the right in-store marketing techniques that deliver results. Don’t be afraid to experiment with in-store marketing, as you might hit on a winning strategy.


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