What to Know Before Buying an Outdoor Electric Fireplace

The winter season is when many people watch more TV, play more games with friends, and relax with family. Nothing beats a home fire in the cold weather, especially one powered by electricity.

If you’re looking for an outdoor electric fireplace, you’ll find that there are many options available. The key is knowing how to pick the best fireplace.

To help you out, take a look at this short guide so you can start your fire today. Here’s what you should know:

Location and Space

Determine where you want to place the outdoor electric fireplace. Consider the available space, the layout of your outdoor area, and any safety considerations. Ensure that there’s a suitable electrical outlet nearby to power the fireplace.

Heating Capacity

If you’re buying an electric fireplace primarily for warmth, consider the heating capacity of the unit. Check the BTU (British Thermal Units) rating to understand how it can heat your outdoor space. Choose a fireplace with a heating capacity suitable for the size of the area you want to heat.

You may also consider an outdoor wood fireplace. This type of fireplace offers a different heating experience than an electric one. You can buy an outdoor wood fireplace here.

Weather Resistance

Look for an outdoor fireplace that is specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions. It should be built with materials that are weather-resistant. It should handle exposure to elements like rain, snow, and sunlight without deteriorating.

Installation and Assembly

Consider whether you’re comfortable with assembling the fireplace yourself or if you’ll need a professional installation. Some models might require a more intricate setup. Others are designed for easier DIY installations.

Design and Style

Outdoor electric fireplaces come in various designs and styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Choose a design that complements your outdoor aesthetics and matches your personal preferences.

Look for a fireplace that offers a realistic flame effect. The quality of the flame simulation can greatly impact the overall ambiance. Some models even allow you to adjust the flame intensity and color for a customized look.

Safety Features

Ensure the outdoor electric fireplace has safety features. This may include overheating protection and a cool-to-touch glass or metal exterior. These features are crucial, especially if you have children or pets around.

Remote Control and Settings

Many outdoor electric fireplaces come with remote controls that allow you to adjust the flame settings, heat intensity, and other features from a distance. Check the available settings and control options to ensure they meet your needs.


Electric fireplaces generally require less maintenance compared to traditional fireplaces. However, it’s still a good idea to check the maintenance requirements of the specific model you’re interested in. Regular cleaning and occasional inspections may be necessary.

Choose the Right Outdoor Electric Fireplace For Your Space

Outdoor electric fireplaces are a great addition to any backyard or patio. Remember to consider local weather conditions, warm-up times, installation needs, and safety features before purchasing. Research ahead of time can save you from a lot of potential headaches down the road.

Start browsing today to take advantage of the cozy atmosphere an outdoor electric fireplace can provide!

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