Why Independent Mortgage Brokers Are Better For Buyers

Mortgage Brokers

When a prospective buyer is trying to secure a mortgage, there are a lot of options out there. However, having a big list of brokers doesn’t mean that all of them are good – especially when it’s a bank.

Banks are often considered to be bigwigs in the mortgage industry but are also limited in scope as to what they can do for someone looking to secure a great deal. The practical path to finding the best mortgage is an independent mortgage broker.

The Difference Between Banks and Independent Brokers

These days, most people aren’t swimming in disposable income. Many prospective property buyers are extremely conscious of how they spend their money and where they want those funds to go. Property purchase is a precious investment and, arguably, the best long-term investment anyone will make in their lifetime.


Banks often have wide recognition value because they tend to have many branches within a broad region. Some banks are spread throughout the country. While that makes it easy to identify with what it offers, many bank mortgages are restricted to that institution.

While it may offer seemingly competitive rates, a bank can’t really extend its offerings beyond itself. There may be better mortgages out there, but a bank won’t – or can’t – help a hopeful buyer find it. 

Independent Mortgage Brokers

The mortgage industry can be a complicated field to navigate for any property buyer, but independent mortgage brokers are proud to guide them through it. Independent mortgage brokers, also known as IMBs, are instrumental for future buyers who want to secure the best mortgage deals and rates.

Using IMBs instead of banks provides many benefits, but some of those are standout perks. These include:

  • Not being restricted to working with a lone financial institution
  • Is able to sort through limitless resources to find the best mortgage
  • Can work with a diverse range of buyers to find the right mortgage loan

IMBs are the entities responsible for helping many buyers purchase their initial homes and commercial properties. While banks often have very rigid requirements, IMBs can get a lot more creative and come up with customized options for future buyers.

Of course, banks do serve a purpose for some buyers. Straightforward mortgages that require a certain credit score, income, and other firm requirements might work for some buyers. However, the reality for most consumers is a lot more complex. That is why an independent mortgage broker is often the best way to go.

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