Why Should You Host Your Wedding Reception At A Luxury Hotel?

Choosing your wedding venue should be right at the top of your wedding checklist. There is no shortage of special venues to host your wedding, but hotels are one of the most popular. Because of the on-site accommodation, catering, and other great facilities, a hotel wedding reception will make your planning process so much easier

A hotel reception is ideal if your guests are travelling from a distance

A reception in a beautiful hotel is exactly how many people imagine a classic wedding—and there are good reasons for this. Luxury hotels are consistently recognised as one of the most popular places to hold a wedding reception and especially if you are expecting lots of out-of-town guests. If you anticipate hosting lots of out-of-towners, they will probably need to reserve hotel rooms wherever you decide to hold your reception.

However, if your wedding reception and guest accommodation are all under the same roof, for instance by booking a Manila hotel wedding package, this will add to the convenience and comfort and alleviate just about all transport considerations.

Most luxury hotels can offer a choice of spaces and sizes for your reception.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a small group of close friends and family, or a large group of maybe hundreds of guests, a luxury hotel wedding reception venue will be able to cater for your needs. Most large hotels have the capacity to accommodate a range of different events, including weddings of all types and sizes.

Whether you would like a small, intimate, private room for a modest gathering, or a grand ballroom for an extravagant affair, a luxury hotel will undoubtedly be able to accommodate your wishes. Just visit your chosen hotel well in advance of the happy day to ascertain what kind and size of reception they can accommodate.

Almost all your wedding checklist can be ticked off at a single venue.

Holding a hotel wedding reception may well allow you to put aside your planning checklist. Such a venue can provide catering, linen, flowers and beauty services such as make-up and hairdressing all on the same site. This will save you so much time and energy organising meetings and making appointments with different service providers

You will probably even have access to an in-house wedding planner.

Luxury hotels that regularly host weddings often have their own dedicated staff to organise everything for you. After you decide to book your wedding reception, an in-house event planner will be available to guide you through the process and answer all your questions. The hotel planner will have intimate knowledge of the venue and will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Holding your reception at a luxury hotel will allow for other events to be held there too.

Hotel wedding venues allow you to hold all your related functions and festivities under one roof. A luxury hotel can host a rehearsal dinner and bridal tea, for example, and even your wedding suite is right there. When the big day arrives, all you and your guests will have to do is celebrate and enjoy.


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