4 Tips for Boosting Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Have you ever driven by a house and felt impressed by what you saw? Perhaps features like freshly cut grass, bright paint, and a recently renovated patio caught your eye? All these aspects point to a house’s ‘curb appeal.’ This refers to all the external factors that make up a house giving its beauty, charm, and value. If your curb appeal is outstanding, then you most likely have a deal in your hands. Think of it as your house’s first impression, and just like the way you would work on your presentation, try to make your home look stellar too. So how do you do this? Here’s what you need to know:

Get the Siding Repaired

Changing weather patterns can be disastrous for your house. Your house needs protection, whether with extreme winter or a sunny summer. This is where siding comes into the picture. Siding is a type of protective material that you attach to the outside of your home. Combined with a roof, they form a barrier protecting your home from seasonal changes. Homeowners in Seattle are very familiar with these phenomena. Seattle is a rainy region in the US. This city experiences rain from July to exposure which causes moisture to seep into the houses.

When water pools into the exterior of your home, it can ruin the siding. This can cause a leak allowing water to enter your home. A destroyed siding destroys your house’s curb appeal and makes it more prone to damage. No potential homeowner wants that; hence, your only way out is to look for a reliable company by using the keyword siding contractor near me and matching with experts who can patch up your house.

Look After Your Lawn

If you have a front yard, you need to work on it to make it look attractive. A lush lawn does wonders for your house. It enhances the beauty your house’s beauty and boosts your curb appeal. But fixing up a lawn is labor-intensive. You may have to do several rounds of cleaning, trimming, and fertilizing before your lawn looks incredible. So, start by clearing all the weeds growing around the grass. Weeds are spare plants that grow in the grass and compete with it for nutrients and water. This results in weaker and thinner grass that is unappealing to look at. 
Moreover, weed has wild and unstructured growth, making your yard look messy. Therefore, you will need to use weeders to eliminate this vegetation. This involves physically digging weed out and using chemicals like herbicides until nothing is left. From there, make sure you rake the weed and till the soil to get rid of any leftover weeds and collect dead vegetation that may be between the soil. At this stage, you will need to lay down the soil, aerate it and provide it immense fertilization to encourage the grass to grow back. You can get advice on lawn care and maintenance to increase your curb appeal if you click here to get in touch with professional landscapers. They will be able to assist with these tips for your lawn, as well as laying any patio, and removing any bushes or small trees that don’t add to the aesthetic of your outside space.

When you can bring the grass back to life, try to take care of it so it continues looking lush and healthy. You can also set up a garden bed and plant inexpensive flowers like hydrangeas, roses, and front door urns to enhance curb appeal. 

Create A Grand Entrance

The pathway leading up to your front door should look stylish. Creating a grand entrance can make your front door look dramatic, enchanting, and exquisite, which is immensely popular among potential buyers. If you have a gate, consider getting it washed, painted, and waxed. If you don’t fix your front gate, your entrance will look incomplete. Following a gate, you should use paving stones to create a walkway to your front door since this type of walkway paving looks warm and inviting and makes a grand statement about your house. You can also add plants like marigolds to frame either side of the walkway, making your home look like a fairy tale.

Additionally, install path lights so that in dim lighting, your pathway still looks appealing when it’s bright outside. Path lights also highlight other areas of your house, like flower beds. The last step is to make your front door look appealing too. You should use neutral hues like brown, black, or gray, which add a majestic flare to your entrance. But if you want a classic, timeless look, go for deep reds or navy blues. But if you want a unique color palette, introduce a splash of yellow. Decoration like modern art, a rustic bell, planters, miniature statutes, and a welcome mat are excellent for taking your curb appeal up a notch.

Power Wash Your Space

A dirty space can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal. Dirt, dust, and mud can make your house look worn out. Hence, make sure you clean up the exterior so the dirt doesn’t overshadow the beauty of your home. You should always sweep away dust and sand on the gravel or along the pathway; if you have grease or water, drain them, and dry them up.

You can also use a leaf blower to eliminate leaves between scrubs and hedges you can’t rake out. After you pick up the debris, power wash your outdoor space, as it removes stains and muddy tracks and can give your house a fresh appearance. Since power washing uses highly pressurized water, it is also suitable for removing weeds between the cracks in your driveway.

However, you may need to ensure that your house has sufficient drainage after every power wash. The last thing you would want is to flood your home unintentionally. You can also use this opportunity to remove the leaves in the gutter, ensure your drainpipes are unclogged, and tidy up garden tools into a shed.

Final Thoughts

Like any homeowner, it’s natural to want an attractive outdoor space for your house. This not only makes your home look inviting but boosts its curb appeal. The exterior of your house needs as much work as the interior of your house. If you want your outdoor space to look inviting, you need to work on capturing the aesthetics. You can do this in many ways, including fixing the siding, maintaining your lawn, and creating the most dramatic entranceway to your house.

Looking after your house means cleaning it up. Decorations and fancy lighting mean nothing if the exterior is dirty. Maintaining your curb appeal is maintaining your outdoor space and freshening up your décor. These simple tips will make your area stand out in no time.


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