5 Tooth Infection Symptoms You Need to Watch Out For

Did you know that in 2022, oral diseases affected 3.5 billion people worldwide?

Are you facing tooth infection symptoms? Your teeth are more complex than one might think. When something is wrong with your teeth, you should act sooner than later to protect the health of your body.

Keep on reading to learn more about tooth infection symptoms.

1. Dull or Sharp Pain

Dull or sharp pain is one of the primary tooth infection symptoms that you must watch out for. This type of pain typically occurs suddenly and is often accompanied by a throbbing sensation that can become more intense when eating or drinking.

An individual with a tooth infection may also experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact general dentistry services immediately to determine the cause and create a treatment plan.

2. Bad Taste

Tooth infections are severe and can lead to many symptoms, with horrible taste being one of the most common. A bad taste in your mouth can mean you have a tooth or gum disease, so it’s essential to be aware. This bad taste can be incredibly unpleasant, often described as metallic or bitter.

You may experience sensitivity to cold and hot foods and pain when biting down. If you’re experiencing a change in taste or a bad taste in your mouth, along with any of these other symptoms, seeing a dentist immediately is essential. 

3. Fever

A fever can mean various things, but paying particular attention when it is associated with a tooth infection is essential. It can mean the disease has spread to other body parts and needs to be addressed immediately.

As the infection progresses, the fever is likely to get worse, so it’s crucial to catch it early.

4. Inflamed Gums

If your gums are swollen, red, and sore, it could be a sign your teeth and gums are not healthy. A tooth infection can quickly spread to other body parts if left untreated.

Additionally, you may notice bleeding or pus coming from this particular area. If the infection continues, you may also have general fatigue and swollen lymph nodes. 

5. Excessive Bad Breath

Tooth infections can majorly impact your health, but they can also affect your quality of life. Excessive bad breath can indicate a tooth infection, wherein bacteria can reach a deep level in the teeth and gums, potentially causing severe complications.

If the infection is not addressed, it can spread to other body parts, leading to more severe issues. It is important to remember that early detection and treatment of tooth infections can help to prevent more severe health issues. Be sure to have proper dental hygiene.

Early Treatment of Tooth Infection Symptoms Is Essential

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to preventing the onset of any oral infections. However, suppose you begin to experience typical tooth infection symptoms, such as pain upon biting, swelling around the affected area, or a fever. In that case, you must contact your dentist immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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