Breaking Down the Bill: What Makes Braces So Costly?

Do you have a child in the pediatric office with an expensive and hefty bill for braces?

When they received their braces-related bill, you and your child were surprised at the total amount. You could buy a high-end coffee maker for the same amount before tax as the bill.

Braces are essential, and your child needs them for health and facial issues. Yet, you want the best for your kid. You want them to have the best braces, with the best service.

But how much does a good set of braces cost? Why are braces so expensive? Is there a way to cut down on some of the cost?

Here’s what you need to know about how much braces cost, and how you can save on the final cost.

The Type of Braces

Traditional metal braces are one of the oldest styles and still the most popular, but they are also the most costly when it comes to the type of braces. This is because metal braces require more adjustments and hence more visits to the orthodontist than other types of braces like ceramic and lingual braces.

Metal braces are also the most difficult to put on and the most likely to cause discomfort. Ceramic braces are less visible than metal braces but more expensive and require more frequent trips to the orthodontist.

Lingual braces are placed on the back of the teeth, making them more expensive again. All types of braces are costly, but different types come with their own particular set of costs, so it’s important to investigate as many options as possible in order to find the most cost-effective solution.


Braces can be costly depending on the type of equipment used. Metal braces, for example, use elastic bands, brackets, and wires to guide the teeth into alignment.

In addition, a set of x-rays and other imaging tests for teeth and the jaw are typically required to plan the type of braces that are needed. This imaging equipment is expensive, and the prices add to the cost of braces for adults.

Lingual braces, which are the least visible type of braces, use customized brackets that fit onto the backs of teeth. They require even more specialized equipment to ensure they fit well and are placed correctly for optimal results.

Finally, retainers are used after braces to maintain the alignment of the recently adjusted teeth – these require costly models of the teeth in order to create. The cost of braces is determined by the type of equipment used.

Length of Time

Braces are a costly dental treatment that can vary in cost depending on the length of time they are needed. The longer someone has to wear braces, the more expensive the total cost. This occurs for a few reasons, including the increased cost of check-ups and payments needed to cover the orthodontic supplies and labor used to fit and manage the braces.

Additionally, because orthodontic treatments require regular, careful monitoring, more check-up visits need to be scheduled for longer durations, which can increase costs.

In addition to the direct costs of the equipment and supplies involved, people may need to pay for more difficult or difficult to treat cases, which can also lead to higher costs.

Payment Options & Plans

When it comes to braces, the cost associated can be very high depending on your individual payment plans and options. While there is some insurance coverage available, many orthodontic treatments require the patient to pay a portion, if not the full cost.

Typically, there are several payment plans available to those that need braces – these plans generally have a one-time payment with a discount, interest-free installment plans, in-house financing, and credit cards.

The main component driving up the cost of braces is the fact that the treatment needs to be monitored and adjustments must be made every 6-12 weeks. Whether you are making the full payment upfront or paying monthly, there is often an initial applying fee that adds to the cost.

Due to the long-term investment of getting braces, having several payment options makes it possible for those that want braces to work out a plan that fits within their budget.

Your Dentist

Braces can be very costly, depending on the reputation of the dentist. Although the cost of braces can vary greatly in each individual case, the reputation of the dentist will often affect what it may cost.

Dentists with a higher reputation for producing high quality services and results often demand a higher price for the braces that they offer, as they often have more resources available to them. As well, a dentist with a good reputation is likely to have access to the most current technology and procedures, resulting in higher quality results.

In addition, some of the more renowned dentists may focus on difficult cases, resulting in even higher prices. Ultimately, the reputation of your dentist will have a direct impact on the cost of braces, so it is important to consider the cost and quality you are willing to pay for.

Labor Costs

Labor costs can contribute significantly to the cost of braces. The cost of labor goes into the dental braces manufacturing process, and includes the cost of materials and the employees’ salaries.

The higher the cost of materials and the wages paid to the employees involved in the braces manufacturing process, the more the cost of braces increases. In addition, highly trained orthodontists who provide braces typically have higher wages than less qualified workers involved in other procedures.

All of these labor costs are eventually passed on to the patient in the form of higher braces fees. Thus, increasing labor costs can make braces more costly for the consumer.

Explore Why Are Braces So Expensive

So, why are braces so expensive? Braces can be a costly experience for many families but the price tag often comes down to the products, and services used during the orthodontic treatment. The value of a healthier smile makes the costs worth it.

However, be sure to research your options and discuss them with your orthodontist to maximize value. Schedule an appointment with an orthodontist today and start your path to the smile of your dreams!

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