Emerging Graphic Design Trends

As a graphic designer, staying up-to-date with visual design techniques and trends always continue. There are always new techniques and trends to learn about. This helps you make intuitive and ground-breaking designs for your clients.

But you’re probably wondering, “How do you stay up to speed with the latest graphic design trends?” And what are the new visual design techniques?

If you answer these two questions with a shrug, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out how to stay ahead in the graphic design industry.

Foil Printing

One of the latest graphic designs, Foil Printing, has become popular with the emergence of design printing. This trend adds a beautiful, multi-dimensional feel to the prints. Foil Printing is achieved by utilizing a two-step process; First, the selection of a graphic, which is then masked from the surface area on which it is placed, and then the foil is laid on top.

In choosing the color of the foil, it is crucial to consider the background and the image. Silver, bronze, and gold are some more popular options, but other bright and radiant tones are also becoming regular choices today. Through Foil Printing techniques, graphics can be enhanced and customized according to one’s desire.

Expressive Typography

Expressive typography is a core graphic design trend that is continually gaining momentum. Bold and vibrant fonts can be used to make a powerful statement about a brand or message without the need for heavy visuals.

This has been further enhanced by the massive surge in technology which has allowed for more freedom to experiment with font design and typesetting. Increased accessibility of software and tools has also enabled designers to create unique letterforms and unique styles of composition.

Vivid Minimalism

A unique combination of minimalism while utilizing vivid colors to contrast with the elements. This trend uses basic geometric shapes, lines, and typography to create balanced compositions with a few colors or elements.

Accenting this trend is the use of bright, contrasting hues often seen on a white background. This draws attention to the form and high contrast and allows designers to showcase the beauty in the elements’ simplicity.

Minimal Vintage

A minimalist style focuses on basic design features with a bit of color, making it a timeless and classic choice for those who prefer a more classic aesthetic. It’s a timeless style of minimalism focusing on simple shapes and proportions, text-based elements, and a muted color palette.

It’s all about stripping down designs to the core basics to create a unique and stylish look. You can always seek help from a graphic design freelancer to take care of visuals.

The Impact of Technology on New Graphic Design Trends

Modern graphic design trends are evolving, so the need to stay on top of emerging trends is vital. Be sure to keep a close eye on industry developments and equip yourself with the right resources.

Plus, explore emerging technologies to take your designs to the next level. Turn your passion into action today and start leveraging these emerging trends to shape the graphic design of tomorrow!

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