How to Transform Your Space with Inspiring Home Renovation Ideas

You want your space to be inspiring to yourself and to visitors too. Achieving the right look and feel in your home can take time. When there are lots of things you want to do or improve within your space, it is important to focus on completing one task or project at a time. When you do this, you can then be sure you will get the look that you want – without having to compromise.

Upgrade the Hall Floor

Do you have a hall within your home or space, and is it looking a little past its best? As the hall area is the entrance to your space, it is important that it looks and feels as welcoming as possible. Adding stone tiles from and getting rid of the carpet or laminate flooring will add both warmth and depth to the hall space. A tiled floor in the hallway can be a lot more functional and so much easier to clean. When you upgrade the hall floor, it will also change how the rest of the entranceway feels.

Undertake a Small Project – Add a Stair Runner

If you have any stairs within your space or home, then why not add a stair runner? Carpeted stairs or tiled stairs can benefit from a stair runner, and runners can help add colour and vibrancy to a space that is often seen as bland. Stair runners can be easy to maintain, and they can help you quickly transform an area – and get a quick win, which will leave you feeling more positive about your space.

Give the Kitchen an Upgrade

You spend so much time in the kitchen, whether you are eating and drinking or simply reconnecting with loved ones. You can make the kitchen much more of an inspiring space by adding new cabinets or by introducing new countertops. Kitchens often show their wear, and this can then let the whole room down and mean you don’t want to spend so long in there. Replacing cabinetry, adding new handles, or even repainting the walls can help you transform your kitchen space.

Undertake a Small Project – Upcycle Old Furniture

A quick and easy renovation project you may wish to undertake at the weekend is the upcycling of furniture. Old and worn furniture that no longer looks its best can be given a new lease of life. It can be sanded down, painted or stained. Some items can even be repurposed and turned into new items of furniture.

Love That Bathroom

A bathroom or shower room is more than just a place to get clean. It is also a place where you get ready for the day or unwind in the evening before bed. If your bathroom is looking moldy and well past its best, then why not look at installing a new suite? A classic suite, or even an ultra-modern suite with complimentary tiles, can transform the feel of the room.


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