Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path?

Public Utilities a Good Career Path

Is public utilities a good career path? It depends, if you are a person who is looking for stability and security in work, then a career in utilities is a good choice.

You can choose one of the many paths as a public utility according to your interests and abilities. So, in this article, we will provide an overview of the work of a public utility.

We hope that this article has provided you with sufficient information regarding careers in public utilities. And then you can choose your career without any hesitation.

Definition of Public Utility

Before we further discuss the potential for a career in public utilities, we will first discuss the definition.

The government provides public services such as water, waste management, and gas supply. The people who work behind government services are called public utilities. They have a job desk to provide maximum service to the community and get a salary from the local government.

Benefits of Working In Public Utility

Public utility is a job that offers many benefits both career and perks. You can earn beyond average wages with the potential for career advancement that opens up. In addition, because the government regulates the service, the possibility of getting laid off due to bankruptcy is very small.

Public utility companies also offer hefty allowances and tuition repayment programs for those who work full-time. This job also always opens vacancies in line with increasing public needs such as water availability and waste management.

Public utility is a career choice for those who want work that is sufficient and of course benefits people. Stable financial opportunity with decent income is a special attraction for people who want to work in a public utility.

Reasons People Choose Public Utility Careers

The main reason people choose a career in public utilities is financial stability. When the country is experiencing economic difficulties, the water and electricity service industry must always run. Therefore, the chances of layoffs because the company collapsed are almost non-existent. In other words, public utility jobs will always be needed.

In addition, a career in public utilities also has career path advantages. If you have served a long time and have the ability to organize your work, the opportunity to move up in management will be very open.

Some people also choose a career in public utilities because they think that this job is a noble one. They feel more useful and help many people with the services they provide.

Some Choices Of Public Utilities Jobs To Try

After you understand the definition and benefits of being a public utility worker, now is the time for you to know the types of work.

Natural Gas Provider and Service

Natural gas is a mineral that is always needed with the ever-increasing demand. In other words, the number of workers in this sector is always open with good career paths.

This job requires you to work in the field of extracting gas from the earth, distributing it through pipes, and making it available to the general public. In addition, this work also includes the maintenance and repair of related infrastructure and many other open works. This job has good-paying career opportunities.

Electric Power Service

The choice to get a career in the electricity service sector is a challenging job choice. Yet it is one of the most vital areas of community service. Because without electricity all community activities will not run.

The work of this sector includes the generation and distribution of electricity throughout the region. This job absorbs a lot of energy and abilities from engineers to general electrical workers.

This job also has a wage that is commensurate with the risk of the job. In addition, many benefits are also available with attractive values. The important thing is that electricity workers will also feel that their work is beneficial to many people.

Water Provider and Distributor

The water supply sector is responsible for providing clean water to homes, businesses, and public facilities. Water is a life support that everyone will need it. Jobs in the water supply sector have great opportunities with wide-open career paths.

Water supply infrastructure requires people with various educational backgrounds to be placed in positions of need. The jobs offered also vary from daily technicians to engineers who make major decisions.

Some job titles may require special qualifications and educational requirements. However, there are still many positions that require extra effort. You can choose your position at will.

Working in the water supply sector is one of the jobs with a variety of positions that offer many advantages. You can earn above-average wages with career advancement opportunities. Are you interested?

Waste treatment

Working in a waste site may not be a dream job and is avoided by many people. However, this opportunity actually needs to be considered. Moreover, this work in general only requires prime physical condition.

Waste treatment is one of the most important sectors to maintain cleanliness and health. This job is specifically for those who want to work hard.

This job requires you to treat both household and business waste to make it safe for release into the open. This work is dirty work and requires a healthy and strong body.

Working in sewage treatment is also dangerous because you will be in a place full of germs and in tight spaces. In addition, the potential for contamination by hazardous residual materials is also very large. Even so, working in this sector will give you hard work experience as well as benefits that are no less attractive. On the bright side, this job has few takers so you don’t have to compete a lot.

Required Positions In Public Utility Jobs

Public utility jobs are providers of various general public services such as water, electricity, and waste management. Their work is very important because it is a vital necessity for both households and businesses.

Various utility job positions ranging from day-to-day technicians, energy distributors, and infrastructure providers to research scientists are required to fill this job. Below are some common positions and qualifications in public utility jobs.

Skilled Employment Services

Skilled jobs are jobs that can be done with some special certification. In other words, you don’t need a very high level of education. This job requires special skills, but most of them have high curiosity about repairing damaged items.

Skilled service providers usually offer specific specialties such as repairing cars, building engines, and repairing electrical equipment. Because the public utility industry is often associated with skilled jobs, the opportunity to get a career path here is very wide open.

Most of them are experts in carpentry, household tools, pipe servicing, and even welders. Some of them are dangerous jobs such as roofing specialists and high-rise buildings. Therefore, choosing a career as a skilled worker must always be careful.

Skilled workers were well paid because their work was menial and required skilled hands. So if you have certain special skills, try to build a career in skilled job services.

Public Utilities Reader and Bookmark

Meter readers are people who are in charge of reading meters in public utilities such as gas, electricity, and water. Whereas the utility marker is the person who marks the meter and ensures that the mark is easy to read and find.

Both of these jobs are important and require accuracy skills so that public utility customers get maximum and accurate service. Usually, this work is provided by the private sector, but in some cases, this work is handled by the state-owned enterprises themselves.

Currently, automatic marker systems are starting to replace the role of humans as meter readers and markers. However, for more accurate accuracy, the hands of manual workers are still needed in this position.

The accuracy of these readers and markers is very important so that customers get bills with the actual nominal. Therefore, if you want to make a career in this field you must make sure you have a high level of accuracy.

Electrical Worker

Electrical workers are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of all electrical equipment and cables. Electricians should also be able to understand the use of electronic devices and identify electrical problems within a company.

An electrician should know how to read blueprints, understand basic math and physics and of course electrical science safely. However, you should seek experience first. High-risk work requires extreme caution and high working hours. You can look for training and certification for these types of jobs.

This job risks life but is very useful for many people and companies. Without electricity, we all might not be able to work and carry out daily activities. Electrical workers have a fairly high risk. However, the risk is worth their pay. So you don’t have to worry if your work is not worth the salary.


Have you ever checked the pipe installation at home or in your office? Who builds and repairs if there is a problem with the water flow in the pipes? Plumber of course. This job requires you to read blueprints. In addition, plumbers must also be able to repair water installations such as sinks and bathtubs.

Water Installation Operator

Water installation is a macro job that requires special skills and knowledge. He handles and is responsible for the smooth operation of the water installations and ensures they work properly.

This work should seek to ensure safety standards and procedures in water treatment.

Other Utility Jobs You May Not Think Of

Other Utility Jobs You May Not Think Of

Public utility work is not only about engineering work and heavy lifting. There are many public utility jobs that you may not think about. There are many positions other than technician positions as we will explain below.

Engineering: Every public utility company needs someone who is able to understand the system design within the company. Therefore, they will usually pay an engineer to do a particular design.

Project Manager: This position is important for managing a project designed by an engineer. The project manager’s job is to ensure that all work is done quickly and efficiently.

Administration: This section contains work related to business administration as well as customer service. In addition, some financial affairs are also a burden on administrative work.

Technology: In the digital era, technology is the main tool for the development of a company. A company will thrive if they have tech experts taking care of the digitalization part of the job.

Accounting Department: A good company will pay close attention to the circulation of funds. Therefore they need a reliable accountant

Computer Experts: Computer experts are needed to build company systems such as websites and social media. They are also required to understand the computerized system within the company.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working In Public Utilities

Jobs in public utilities have their own pros and cons. Some of them:


  1. Diverse jobs with many interesting positions
  2. Good salary and many benefits
  3. Prospects and career paths are guaranteed
  4. The job is financially stable and meets regulatory standards.


  1. You must always be prepared. Public utility jobs sometimes require extra work outside of normal hours.
  2. Physically demanding hard
  3. Messy sleeping hours. Potential to be unhealthy
  4. Working hours must be subject to work rules.

After looking at the advantages and disadvantages, we hope you are able to decide whether this career path option is right for you or not. Be sure to look at all your possibilities and abilities for a job. Don’t push yourself and don’t hesitate if you find a suitable job.

Is the Salary of Working in Public Utilities Good?

The salary of working in a public utility is one of the best-paying jobs. But it depends on the position you choose. If you are in the ranks of management of course your wages will be higher.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the salary for an electrician is $60,000 in one year. This data is data for May 2021. On the other hand, the BLS states that the number of electricians will increase every year. This indicates that public utilities jobs have a good career path.

If you choose to work in a public utility, make sure to choose a job that fits your skills. Also, check whether the job has good wages and what the prospects are.

Examples of Public Utilities Companies That Have Good Career Paths

Lots of public utilities companies have a good career path. We will choose several companies that you can make references for your future career. This list is taken from a survey of employee satisfaction levels where they work

America’s Electric Power

AEP is America’s largest electric utility public utility company. With 5 million subscribers in more than 10 states, AEP is known as the largest provider of jobs. AEP employees have the highest level of satisfaction today. So if you meet the qualifications, there’s no harm in trying to apply here.

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy is a Western electric and gas company with offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It serves 8 states and is a leading energy company. Xcel employees state that they like their job in line with the company’s commitment to providing energy while protecting the environment. This company received an award from FORTUNE magazine as one of the most comfortable places to work.

Southern Company

This company is also one of the largest electric energy provider public utility companies in America. With over 4 million subscribers in several states. Southern Company employees report high levels of satisfaction with their workplace. This is because the Southern Company has a culture of close cooperation.

Apart from that, Southern Company also has good IT facilities, so they have received many awards as a workplace with a good IT system.

Those are some companies that have a good career path among other public utilities companies. Be sure to do research on the company where you will work. We hope you have an idea of where you will work later

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions for those looking to work in public utilities

How Good Are the Future Job Prospects in Public Utilities?

The prospects are very good. Currently, the demand for becoming electrical technicians is always on the rise. BLS also projects the same way. So there is no need to doubt a career in public utilities.

How Much Salary Is Earned When Working in Public Utilities? Is the Value Promising?

Job rates in public utilities vary. It depends on what field you choose. For example, if you choose to work in the electrical field. The BLS states that a technician position can earn up to $60k in one year. In addition, the BLS also stated that the demand for electricians has also increased from year to year. So there is no problem for you to choose this career.

Are There Specific Skills Required For A Career In Public Utilities?

Of course, each job requires its own skills. Depends on what field you are in. For example, if you are applying for a job as a technician, then you are required to be able to read designs and blueprints. Therefore, finding your expertise before moving on to your career is very important.

What are the educational requirements to work in public utilities?

Formal education may not be necessary. However, you need expertise certification, such as if you want to work in the electricity industry, then you must have a license to work in that industry. Likewise with other jobs.

What’s So Good About Working In Public Utilities?

A career in public utilities allows you to work and serve the community. For some people, there is a certain satisfaction for those who have noble intentions to work while helping people. For example, an electrician will feel happy if he is able to help people around him work comfortably. Or a water carrier would be very happy to see water flowing smoothly in someone else’s house.

What Are the Risks of Working in Public Utilities?

Working in a public utility, of course, has risks. If you are outdoors or work as a technician, safety is a challenge for you. In addition, the potential for working outside normal hours is enormous. Because in certain circumstances we must always be on standby 24 hours.

Are There Any Tips If I Want To Work In Public Utilities?

Make sure you look up your work interests first. If you have determined, then you can get training according to the position you want. Ask the opinion of people who work in the position you want. If you have understood a bit of the description, then you may immediately submit an application.

Can I Count On A Career In Public Utilities As A Long-Term Career?

Of course. As long as you’re comfortable with your choices and like the job, a long-term career in a public utility is a great option. We also think the wages you get are very good.

In addition, opportunities to move up into management positions are also wide open. You don’t need to worry about career paths as long as you can pursue that field of work.

Are Salaries in Public Utilities Promising

Salaries in public utility companies are promising. You can earn a lot of money from here. As long as you work well, the opportunity to rise to a management position is wide open. Of course the higher the position the more your salary.

What’s the Work Atmosphere in Public Utilities?

The working atmosphere is of course different, there are field technicians with office-based management. You can choose one of the two depending on your abilities and portfolio. These two should also be very useful for future experiences.

What’s the Work Atmosphere in Public Utilities?

The working atmosphere is of course different, there are field technicians with office-based management. You can choose one of the two depending on your abilities and portfolio. These two should also be very useful for future experiences.

How Potential Advances Work In Public Utilities?

Working in a public utility allows you to pursue a higher career. If you become a technician and feel you have the ability in the field of management, then the opportunity for promotion is very wide open. Higher positions allow you to earn higher wages.


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