Why the Automobile Industry Gains from Storage Containers

Why the Automobile Industry Gains from Storage Containers

Automotive companies often use storage containers to transport or store their tools and equipment. These durable, reusable steel containers are designed to transport and store parts safely while freeing up space at shops and car lots. Containers with doors, locking systems, and roof design are easily modified for automotive needs. Some are even outfitted with HVAC systems to regulate temperature.


Shipping containers are ideal for protecting cars during transit. These large vessels are designed to withstand long voyages on ships, trucks, and rail lines. Whether from the factory to the port or the port to the customer, container transport protects cars from the elements and human accidents.

This extra layer of protection is a cost-saving benefit for manufacturers and insurers alike. Automotive companies also use shipping containers to store cars, trucks, and other equipment. When choosing a container for car storage, consider factors like ventilation, security, and the weather. It’s best to consult a professional for long-term storage recommendations.

Another way the automotive industry creatively uses storage containers is to turn them into modified garages. It is an excellent option for auto businesses that need more storage space and for homeowners who need more room in their existing garages. You can even add insulation to the walls to control condensation and keep the garage more comfortable.

Mezzanine Racks

When a car manufacturer has more work than space, mezzanine racks can help. They’re a cost-effective way to expand a facility and store equipment like trucks and other tools. Unlike traditional shipping containers, these structures can securely hold vehicles and their components.

It eliminates the need to rework and repackage parts, improving overall productivity. They also provide a level of protection that’s impossible with standard shipping containers, making them an excellent option for transporting high-priced cars across long distances.

One such automotive company, CDI in Avon, Ohio, needed to increase its storage capacity. Still, traditional expansion solutions like adding to a building or buying new warehouse space were not feasible. Instead, they turned to a storage mezzanine to get the most out of their existing space. These floor systems utilize open overhead space to create multiple levels of storage or work areas and can be reconfigured as needed.

Plastic Storage Bins

A car manufacturer requires a lot of parts and tools. Whether working on rare classic cars passed down through generations or assembling a brand-new vehicles, they must keep all the materials and tools organized. Industrial plastic storage bins can help with this. They’re inexpensive and stack nicely to save space in a warehouse. They also resist moisture, rust, and insect damage to protect the inventory from harm.

Many containers have detachable lids for even tighter security, which increases security. It’s essential for storing vehicles and spare parts that must be sealed off from others. The container’s structure is sturdy enough to withstand careless handling from forklift operators and other workers.

Shipping containers are used to transport cargo worldwide safely but can also be modified for automotive uses. Some companies turn them into mobile garages or workshop spaces to accommodate the needs of dealerships and auto repair shops.

Open-Side Containers

Consider shipping containers if your business wants a practical and economical solution to store vehicles or spare parts. These sturdy steel structures are incredibly durable and offer many benefits over traditional garages. For instance, they’re easily modified with ventilation, insulation, and temperature control features. Their small physical footprint makes them an excellent option for businesses with limited property space. Moreover, they’re much cheaper to build than a standard garage.

Shipping containers are also a safe place to store cars over long distances, especially as their high walls prevent thieves from seeing the vehicle inside. It is a significant benefit for companies that ship cars from one location to another, as they eliminate the theft risk. Furthermore, they’re airtight when closed and can protect against extreme temperatures and humidity, which could damage the vehicles or tools inside. Lastly, they can be fitted with security lock boxes to deter vandals and burglars.


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