How Christmas Lights Can Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

Christmas Lights Can Enhance Your Home's Exterior

Whether you’re a Clark Griswold wannabe or want to brighten your home’s exterior, Christmas lights can add a festive glow. The key is planning an aesthetically pleasing display.

Start by choosing a color scheme. For example, red lights look great with traditional holiday items, like poinsettias and holly berries.

Curb Appeal

Get festive with expert Christmas light installation in Victoria, whether with an old-fashioned theme or something more contemporary. The key to a successful display is highlighting your best features and limiting distractions. This way, you can focus on creating a beautiful and eye-catching ambiance that draws attention without overwhelming your guests or neighbors.

For an elegant touch, consider adding a string of clear or multi-color lights around the frame of your front door. This is an easy way to brighten up your entrance instantly, and it’s also a great choice for those who want to avoid committing to full lighting fixtures that need to be removed each year.

For a more visually captivating experience, opt for synchronized lights that dance to the beat of your favorite holiday tunes. This advanced feature requires more technical know-how, but it can create a magical effect that will impress your guests and neighbors.


Many people like to deck the halls with holiday lights each year, but doing so comes with some hazards that are only sometimes considered. These hazards could cost you money in electricity bills, put you at risk for an electric shock, or lead to a house fire. By following a few simple Christmas light safety tips, you can avoid these dangers and keep yourself and your family safe.

When shopping for Christmas lights, choose ones with the UL safety certification. These lights are safer and will likely last longer than traditional incandescent lights. If you have a live Christmas tree, it’s important to keep it watered so it doesn’t dry out. This can reduce the risk of a fire by 40%.

Always turn off your outdoor lighting when leaving the house or going to sleep. Leaving it on for an extended period increases your risk of a house fire.


Whether you want your house to look like Clark Griswold’s or simply a festive display, exterior Christmas lights are the perfect way to showcase charming architectural and horticultural features. A well-designed lighting scheme elevates your curb appeal and adds to your home’s resale value.

Before grabbing a ladder and draping strands of lights across your roofline, you’ll want to map out the areas where you want to put up holiday lighting. This includes porch railings, door frames, walkways, and your home’s roofline. Be sure to measure the area to determine how many strands of lights you’ll need.

Only use UL-listed electrical decorations and extension cords to keep your family safe. Always store all outdoor lights in a sealed container to avoid moisture, which can cause electric shock and fires. It’s also important to regularly inspect your lights for signs of frayed or damaged wires. Repair or replace them promptly to reduce injury risk and prevent electrical failure.

Energy Efficiency

Leaving Christmas lights on all night can use up a lot of electricity, which may increase your energy bill. This unused energy waste can be avoided by using timers and smart plugs to control your light display.

Another way to save energy is by using LED lights. These are much more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, using up to 90% less wattage. For example, five strings of standard C-7 incandescent Christmas lights would cost up to $20 per month, whereas a single string of color-changing LED lights costs only 80 cents each month to run.

Aside from saving on energy costs, integrating permanent outdoor lighting can add value to your home. It is also more convenient than setting up and taking down temporary decorations every year. 


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