Make Fitness a Family Affair with These Tips

You may or may not be aware of the current global trend for fitness that is sweeping across the planet, which is why there are so many gyms opening up all over Australia. Like most things, fitness training is so much more fun when the entire family engages, and with that in mind, here are a few ways that you can encourage your family to join you and get into shape.

  • Enrol in a class at a family-friendly gym – Check out the amazing family deals to be found at, one of Australia’s leading gym chains where a friendly welcome awaits. There are classes for kids of all ages, plus you and your partner can join an adult class and you can leave together after a great workout. Your kids might be interested in taking up MMA or boxing, which most gyms teach; contact sports teach kids how to be disciplined and self-defence is an important skill to learn.
  • Take up mountain biking – Invest in a mountain bike for each family member and you can fit a roof rack to the family car and enjoy some of the stunning trails that are found all over the country. If your kids are old enough, you can set off from home on the bikes and leave the car at home. An hour every evening is a great all-around workout, while a half day on Sunday would make for the perfect outing. Click here for how to harmonise your body when working out.
  • Play sports together – Some families are seriously into tennis and spend all their free time at the local tennis club; it might be golf that you all enjoy, or perhaps squash; take a look at the sports covered at your local leisure centre and there might be something that all the family enjoys.
  • Camping holidays – Living an outdoor life helps to keep everyone in shape, plus camping is an inexpensive way to spend your downtime. Rent a motorhome, take the bikes and explore some of the local attractions or go further afield, as you are energy-independent in a motorhome, with solar panels on the roof. Take a ball with you and find a nice piece of grass for a kick around and pack a frisbee, which is a fun activity to play around dusk.
  • Workout in the garden – Find a good YouTube video and the whole family can workout to the same routine. This can be a lot of fun and if you are all members at your local gym, you have another venue to keep it interesting. Get creative and design your own workout routine and ask the kids to help.


The great Aussie summer is just around the corner, so you plan outdoor activities that are fun and give the major muscle groups a thorough workout. We all need to take our health & well-being seriously and joining together as a family is a great way to stay fit and keep those extra pounds at bay!


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