Natural Remedies You Can Take to Balance Your Hormones

Hormones are vital chemicals in the body. They tell your body what to do, how, and when to do it. If your hormones are imbalanced, you start experiencing weight gain, mood swings, sleep problems, memory loss, etc. The good news is that this imbalance can be reversed. Hormone imbalance means your body produces too much or too little of a specific hormone. For instance, if you are under stress, your body has a lot of cortisol hormone. Another hormone, like testosterone, can affect your sexual aspects.

In short, an imbalance comes with different issues irrespective of the hormone. Therefore, there is a need to find remedies to balance this level. The following are natural ways of balancing your hormones. 

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential, not only for rebalancing hormone levels but for your overall health too. It gives time for your body to recover and recharge after a long day. Therefore, all adults must get at least seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Lack of enough sleep leads to hormonal imbalance and other complications. It is, therefore, essential to practice good sleep by developing habits that help you sleep better.

For example, turn off electronics hours before bedtime. You can also create a routine to tune your brain when it is time to sleep. Good sleep is essential to help you relieve stress, balance your hormones and improve gut health, among other benefits. If you’re looking for additional guidance on optimizing your sleep, you might consider exploring resources like the CJC 1295 ipamorelin guide, which is focused on holistic sleep improvement methods.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation can cause issues like insulin resistance, thyroid disease, or imbalanced sex hormones. Therefore, combat it by eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Ensure you avoid all foods that cause inflammation to help balance your hormones and keep you healthy. Some of these foods include excess meat, fried foods, artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners, dairy products, sugar, processed foods, etc. replace these foods with healthy choices like lean proteins and lots of vegetables and fruits to reduce inflammation that causes hormonal imbalance. 

Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy

It is also possible that your doctor will recommend hormone replacement therapy. Therapies like TRT help restore your hormones to their natural levels. By understanding TRT procedures, you will know how this treatment can help keep your testosterone levels balanced. Hormone replacement therapies are utilized for both females and males. They also help to curb issues like thyroid disease, insulin resistance, impotence, and adrenal fatigue. 

Balance Your Glucose Levels

Another way you can balance your hormone levels is by balancing your glucose levels in the blood. Make sure you eat a balanced diet with plenty of green vegetables. For a stabilized sugar level, you must also confirm that every meal contains healthy fats and proteins. Additionally, avoid taking refined sugar since it causes an increase in glucose and insulin levels. So, prevent sugar intake and substitute the craving with fresh fruits. 


Exercise also helps rebalance hormone levels. First, it facilitates dopamine production, which reduces stress. It also helps the body release serotonin, which aids digestion, sexual health, and improved sleep. It is also possible to increase estrogen and testosterone levels by exercising. 

Use Essential Oils

You can also naturally balance your hormones by avoiding certain care products containing chemicals like parabens, DEA, and others. Instead, eliminate toxins in your body using products with essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, and castor oil. Essential oils like clary sage, lavender, fennel, thyme, and sandalwood can help balance your hormones naturally. 

Use Nutritional Supplements

Supplementation is also recommended to ensure your body gets all the necessary nutrients. Hormonal imbalance can also occur due to the lack of certain nutrients. Therefore, supplementing can help fill this void. You can take supplements like Vitamin D, bone broth, probiotics, adaptogen herbs, mushrooms, etc. These supplements help your body cope with inflammation, chronic stress, etc. However, supplements should not be a substitute for eating healthy foods. You should take them with a healthy diet to help curb nutrient deficiency and facilitate hormonal balancing. 

Avoid Too Much Carbs Intake

Last but not least, lower your daily carbs intake. Instead, switch it with healthy fats to create hormones. Foods containing healthy fats help build hormones, boost metabolism, promote weight loss, and lower inflammation levels. Switch to avocados, coconut oil, salmon, and grass-fed butter for healthier fats. Such foods reduce inflammation and don’t mess with your hormone levels. 

Thinking It Through

Avoiding foods that cause inflammation is the first solution to balancing your hormones naturally. Switch all unhealthy choices with healthy foods to keep your hormone levels balanced. Get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Remember to add nutritional supplements to your diet and lower your carb intake. Your body should feel better in a short time once you take up measures to care for it.


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