Signs You Need to Repipe Your Entire Home

Signs You Need to Repipe Your Entire Home

Have you ever wondered if the pipes in your home need to be replaced? Repiping an entire house is a big project, so you want to make sure it’s absolutely necessary before undertaking the expense and work. Here are six signs from a plumber Oregon City-based, indicating it may be time to repipe your whole home.

Those Persistent Leaks Are Becoming Annoying

If you’re frequently dealing with leaks under your sinks or finding puddles on the floor when you wake up in the morning, it likely means your pipes are failing. Leaks originating from old, corroded pipes start small but get progressively worse over time. Even if you keep repairing them, the leaks continue happening and new ones are likely to spring up. At some point, you need to replace the whole system.

You Have Rust In Your Water

Rusty or discolored water coming out of your faucets is a major red flag there are problems with your pipes. The rust and sediment indicate advanced corrosion and breakdown happening within your pipes. As they continue to corrode more intensely, dangerous heavy metals can start leeching from the pipes into your home’s water supply. Repiping the system removes the deteriorating old pipes.

You Have Low Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can make tasks like showering, washing dishes, and laundry take much longer. It’s another clue you could benefit from repiping. As internal corrosion and mineral buildup cause more narrowing and blocking within your pipes over the years, less water can pass through at one time. A repipe means brand new pipes cleared of any obstructions for great pressure.

The Pipes Are Making Loud Noises

Hearing loud banging, hammering, hissing or clanking noises coming from your pipes is alarming and could mean they’re at risk of bursting. The sounds result from pressure changes and turbulence in the water flow through fragile pipes. As corrosion and contamination build up, it causes more erratic water flows. The noises indicate extreme wear and tear. New pipes should restore normal quiet water flow.

You’ve Had a Pipe Burst

If you’ve already experienced one ruptured pipe, you can expect more in the future. Pipe bursts often start as small leaks or pinhole leaks advancing over time. Or extensive corrosion causes so much weakening that regular water pressure makes the pipes explode. Either way, one burst pipe means the whole system is likely failing. It’s better to be proactive with a whole-home repipe.

You Have Galvanized Pipes

Finally, if your home still has aging galvanized steel pipes, expect major problems. Galvanized pipes were commonly installed before the 1960s. But they were only built to last 40 to 70 years. So, if your home pipes qualify as historic at this point, they require replacement to avoid disasters. Failing galvanized pipes tend to spring enormous leaks all at once instead of gradually like copper and PVC pipes. Get ahead of a major meltdown by repiping early.

Noticing one or more of these warning signs means your home’s plumbing likely needs more than a minor patch job. Extensive corrosion and damage are probably lurking out of sight inside your pipes.

Before you get hit with flooding, property damage, toxic water, and outrageous water bills, consider investing in a whole home repipe for reliable plumbing. Taking action now can prevent very expensive emergency pipe repairs down the road. Consult with plumbers in your area to explore repiping options tailored for your unique home setup.


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