The Bougie Life: Why Having A Hot Tub Makes Life Better

Surely, life isn’t all about clocking in your 9 to 5, working hard, getting paid, paying bills, and repeating that cycle all over again. It surely isn’t all about investing in the stock market, buying shares, and building your financial portfolio. 

While setting yourself up early in life for long-term success is important, it is equally as important to live in the moment as well. To afford yourself the little luxuries that money can buy; to get a taste of the good life.

Youth isn’t just about saving and investing in the future. It’s also about experiencing the best life has to offer while you are young, able, and in good health. After all, what good will a crazy amount of savings be if you haven’t got that much time left to enjoy them right?

If you’re the type to seek approval before you make any “bougie” purchase (and by bougie we mean, anything that costs more than $100), allow us to give it to you. 


Why A Hot Tub?

Well, why not? 

As we mature, our idea of fun also evolves to something different. When you’re 14, fun means hanging out with your friends at the mall, breaking curfew, having a boyfriend or two, and attending the school dance. When you’re 24, fun looks like a glass of margarita sitting on the counter at 1AM in the local club. 

But when you’re 34? Fun looks like fluffy blankets, extra-large pillows, and a glass of wine with some Netflix and cheese on the side. 

When you get to a certain age, fun becomes comfort and comfort becomes fun. And there’s no better way to spoil yourself in luxurious comfort than getting yourself your own hot tub.

Hot tubs may seem a bit excessive, especially when mainstream media tends to associate it with upper society. But the thing is, there is no law telling you that you cannot have a hot tub installed in your backyard if your house isn’t 4 stories high. 

If you think it’s going to make you happy and bring value into your life, then it’s automatically a darn good investment. In fact, prioritizing your happiness is a key factor to your success:

But just in case you’re still a little doubtful and second-guessing because you don’t think it’s worth the money, here are 4 good reasons to make the bougie choice and get yourself a hot tub:


Working, in general, is stressful and exhausting. People, by nature, do not want to work. We do it, however, in order to keep getting money into the bank and enable us to finance other endeavors that we are passionate about. Even if your work is your “passion,” it only grants you more patience and motivation to show up each day. It doesn’t change the fact that it can be pretty draining both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Having some sort of activity that will help you transition from a state of high stress to a state of relaxation as soon as you get home can really improve your relationship with your job. Because you are able to unwind and decompress effectively, you get to prepare yourself fully for the next day. Hot tubbing will do that for you and we’ll explain why below.


Let me introduce this by saying, this is backed by science; I did not make this up. 

Hot tubbing is considered a form of hot water therapy. When you get into a hot tub, it relaxes your muscles, expands your lungs, regulates your breathing, and ultimately, improves your blood flow (read more). This gets your body into a state of relaxation, lowering cortisol levels in the blood which is what we refer to as the stress hormone. On top of that, being in this state also increases your dopamine and serotonin levels or otherwise referred to as happy hormones. 

To sum it up, hot tubbing can considerably elevate your mood and improve the state of your mental health in the process.


Now, before your mind goes elsewhere, we’re talking about emotional intimacy here (although, your initial interpretation is just as good a reason to have a hot tub as well, if you know what I mean). 

Having a hot tub at home could mean having a new after-work activity that you and your partner can enjoy. This means being able to spend more time together, being able to talk more about your days respectively, and maybe share a drink or two as you enjoy some quality time. 


I think a lot of people tend to think that getting a hot tub installed at their house will cost them a fortune. While some brands and models definitely will, there are also mid-range hot tubs that are of excellent quality and also reasonably priced. On average, a mid-range hot tub can cost you $3000-$5000, which can be a lot at first glance but there are also many companies that offer flexible payment terms for such purchases. 

Of course, the amount is still way too high to be considered pocket change. However, if you’ve got enough saved up or you’re already at a point in your career that you can already afford such luxuries (you just choose not to), then why not spoil yourself a little.

If you think about how it’s going to change the quality of your life right now, shelling out a bit more money for your own personal enjoyment doesn’t sound so bad. 


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