The Key Steps on What to Do After a DUI

It’s been a long night, and as you’re speeding down the highway, you suddenly spot red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. Your heart sinks as a police officer pulls you over for DUI.

Even though you’ve let your judgment be impaired, take a deep breath. There still might be hope. You just need to know the key steps on what to do after a DUI.

Here are the top most important tips to help you in this tricky legal situation.

Cooperate With the Police Officer

If you are pulled over after driving under the influence of alcohol, the first and most important thing to do is to stay calm and cooperate with the police officer. The officer will first need to conduct a sobriety test to check your fitness to drive.

Answer all the questions honestly. Do not try to be evasive or aggressive. Remember that you are required by law to cooperate in the investigation. Submit to any tests, such as a breathalyzer test.

Have Your Car Towed

Leaving your car at the scene of the arrest could create more problems for you. Contact a local tow truck or a friend or family member to have your vehicle towed to a safe location of your choice. You should also notify your insurance company of the incident so they can handle the accident accordingly.

Give them the details of the accident and take the time to answer all their questions. Be prepared to pay the towing and storage fees. This process of getting your car towed is important.

This ensures that your car has reached a safe place where it won’t be further damaged or left exposed to the elements.

Contact a Lawyer

A lawyer can provide professional and legal services that will help protect your legal rights. A lawyer answering questions and reviewing all of the facts of the case can make life much easier for the accused during the often daunting criminal court process.

Find a DUI lawyer who is experienced in DUI cases and is familiar with the laws in your state. Look for a lawyer who can negotiate a favorable plea deal as opposed to lengthy and complicated court proceedings.

Look for a lawyer who cares about your best interests and can help guide you through a difficult time. Having a reliable and trustworthy lawyer is critical when facing charges for a DUI.

Contact Your Family or Friends

After receiving a DUI, one of the most important steps is to contact family or friends to be of support. This can provide the individual with some much-needed comfort and understanding. Additionally, having someone to lean on can provide an additional layer of support.

It is important to let them know what has happened and provide them with honest and detailed information. If the individual is feeling overwhelmed, it helps to have someone to talk to.

Learn What to Do After a DUI

Avoiding a DUI conviction is very important. Following these key steps on what to do after a DUI may help to reduce the damage done. Staying calm, calling a lawyer, and being honest with law enforcement officers can help.

However, the best way to avoid the damaging consequences of a DUI is to not drive after drinking. If you or a loved one have been charged with a DUI, contact an experienced lawyer for help.

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