Best Restaurants in Hattiesburg, MS & Food You Must Try


Let’s discover the best restaurants in Hattiesburg, MS. Located near the De Soto National Forest, Hattiesburg is a beautiful growing community with plenty of places to see. From insightful museums to exciting flea markets, theaters, art galleries, clubs, and water parks, there’s always a great place to visit to suit your mood in this little city.

It’s no secret that there are many things to do in Hattiesburg. What truly separates this city apart from other locations across Mississippi is the fantastic array of local restaurants and eateries serving delicious foods.

Restaurants in Hattiesburg, MS, are beyond compare. Whether you’re interested in fast food and buffets or have the patience for fine dining experiences, you’ll find something to your liking in one of over 200 local restaurants in the city. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best, you’ll find them on this list.

The following is just a sample of what Hattiesburg restaurants have to offer. Make sure to give these signature dishes a try the next time you visit.

1. Hickory-Smoked Pork Ribs – Strick’s BBQ

What started as a small convenience store in 1980 quickly evolved into one of the best BBQs in Hattiesburg. Strick’s BBQ has spent the past 40 years bringing its dishes to perfection, ensuring every bite is a heavenly delight.

Crowned the best BBQ in the ‘Burg, Strick’s BBQ keeps things simple, serving quality, slow-cooked meat without any unnecessary sides and novelty sauces.

Its hickory-smoked St. Louis-style Pork Ribs will be the best thing you’ve ever tasted. Meaty, flavorful, and browned to perfection, they’ll always leave you craving for more.

2. Margherita Pizza – Mercury Pizza Company

Mercury Pizza Company is undoubtedly the best pizzeria in the whole Pine Belt region. It offers a wide array of traditional Italian pies, each better than the last. However, if you want to experience the utmost mastery of Mercury’s pizza chefs, you’ll want the simplest pie – Margherita.

With just a few ingredients, mozzarella, parm, olive oil, and fresh basil, Mercury Pizza Company will take your breath away.

Moreover, the secret ingredient is using traditional Italian pizza-making methods.

All pies at Mercury Pizza Company are cooked the old-fashioned way, in a brick fire oven. Within just 90 seconds at 900-degree heat, the Margherita pizza develops the perfect crispy crust with eye-catching and delicious leoparding.

3. Risi Piecey Smoothie Bowl – Birdhouse Cafe

Birdhouse Cafe is a true hidden gem of Hattiesburg – tucked away inside an appliance store, it offers a rich menu. Moreover, its healthy, nutritious meals are suitable for both meat lovers and vegans.

One of the most delicious meals you could order is the Risi Piecey Smoothie Bowl. It’s a thick acai bowl made with house-made almond milk and bananas, then topped with more bananas, strawberries, cacao nibs, peanut butter, and hemp granola.

The owner of Birdhouse Cafe is none other than the Food Network superstar Katie Dixon, so it’s not surprising that the menu is such a wonderful concoction of mouth-watering yet highly nutritious salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies, and sweet treats.

4. Iced Sugar Cookies – Jody’s Bakery & Caterie

If you have a sweet tooth, visiting Jody’s Bakery & Caterie is a must when you come to Hattiesburg. Established in 1983, the bakery offers freshly-made goods such as cakes, cookies, casseroles, bread, and even meals to go. What’s more, if you have a unique request, the masters at Jody’s Bakery & Caterie will create custom-made goods for you.

To get a taste of the baker’s expertise and satisfy your cravings, get yourself an iced sugar cookie. Freshly made every day, they’re just the thing to treat yourself to on a cold morning.

5. Alambre al Pastor – Compadres Taqueria and Grill

Alambre al pastor is just one of the fantastic Mexican dishes served at Compadres Taqueria and Grill. It consists of juicy marinated pork strips, grilled onions, bacon, bell pepper, and pineapple, served with beans, rice, and tortillas. As a result, it’s sweet yet savory, spicy, and rich. Because of that, it makes for a hearty dinner you’ll want to have every day.

The restaurant serves various Mexican and Mexican-inspired dishes, from taco salads and burritos to fajita nachos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and chimichangas. If you want to finish off with something sweet, try the fried ice cream or leches – you’ll fall in love.

6. Crawfish Pie – The Mahagony Bar

The Mahogany Bar in Hattiesburg has an extensive menu filled with unique draft beers, red and white wines, sparkling roses, and cocktails. However, it also shares the food menu with its next-door neighbor Crescent City Grill, so you can choose from a wonderful selection of delicious appetizers, meals, and pies.

One of the best things on its menu is the crawfish pie. With crawfish tails, cajun veggies, and an unholy amount of cheese, it’s one of the top foods to enjoy with your glass of beer.

7. Cajun Enchiladas – Crescent City Grill

Though it technically feels like cheating to mention the Crescent City Grill twice, the restaurant and the chef behind it, Robert St. John, are certainly worth it. If you want to enjoy a bit more of the Crescent City Grill, you should give its cajun enchiladas a taste.

With crawfish, fresh gulf shrimp, onions, peppers, and pepper jack cheese rolled in a tortilla and served with jambalaya and Creole cheese sauce – it’s a true delight. In other words, nowhere else in the Hattiesburg area will you find a Creole eatery this good.

8. Original Breakfast Sandwich – T-Bones Records and Cafe

Why go to the same old conventional restaurants in Hattiesburg, MS, when you can have the experience of a lifetime in a vinyl record store turned coffee bar?

T-Bones Records and Cafe is one of the truly unique eateries in the Hattiesburg area, offering a pleasant atmosphere, exceptional service, and delicious food.

Though the cafe has excellent desserts and homemade pastries that go perfectly with your morning cup of Joe, you should order the original breakfast sandwich the next time you’re in town. While it’s the perfect quick bite of food while you’re on the go, you’ll certainly enjoy it more if you sit down and have it while listening to some of the best tracks.

9. Honey Hot Wings – Winged it

Winged It is the best place to go to meet Hattiesburg locals – virtually every local has visited it at least once in their life.

As the name would suggest, Winged It serves delicious chicken wings that are just as crispy as they are juicy. You can choose from over 40 different flavors, but the best ones are the Honey Hot Wings. Just sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and just hot enough to give you a pleasant tingle, you’ll never want to have chicken wings done in any different way.

10. Chicky-Chicky Wit Fries – The Porter Public House

The Porter Public House, also known simply as the Porter, is a classic American pub. It has domestic and international beers of all kinds, wines, and even cocktails, and the food served is out of this world.

Affordable, delicious, and filling, it will take your breath away. Though the menu is somewhat limited, you can order great foods that go with beer, like Philly cheesesteaks, pub meatloaves, or burgers. The best dish by far in the pub is the Chicky-Chicky Wit Fries.

Made with hand-cut french fries, grilled chicken, bacon, and the signature wit sauce, this is the perfect pub food to enjoy on a Friday night.

11. The Edie Deluxe – Keg & Barrel

Hattiesburg doesn’t have a shortage of pubs with amazing foods, and Keg & Barrel is one of them. One of the best foods at the pub is the Edie Deluxe, a grass-fed beef burger on a heavenly soft brioche bun with garlic mayo, mushrooms, bacon, and swiss cheese. It goes excellently with any of the 60+ draft beers served at Keg & Barrel.

However, it’s not just the foot that’s astonishing at the pub. The entire atmosphere is simply delightful. Beg & Barrel is located in a 19th-century home that still has the original woodwork.

12. Blackened Chicken in a Cajun Cream Sauce – Patio 44

If you enjoy steaks and coastal seafood, Patio 44 is the place for you. You’ll find an array of classic Creole dishes at this casual dining restaurant, but the fan favorite is the Blackened Chicken in Cajun Cream Sauce.

You’ll get a serving of deliciously juicy blackened chicken breasts with spicy cajun cream sauce served with delicious field peas. If you happen to arrive at Patio 44 on your birthday, you could even receive a complimentary dessert with your blackened chicken.

13. Mario’s Tortellini Michaelangelo – Mario’s Italian Restaurant & Bar

Who doesn’t feel a craving for the rich, fulfilling, and perhaps not-so-healthy Italian pasta every now and again? At Mario’s Italian Restaurant & Bar, you’ll find just what you need to satisfy those cravings.

Though the restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional and new Italian dishes, the absolute best is Mario’s Tortellini Michaelangelo. Flavorful pasta filled with cheese, scallions, and mushrooms, all topped with the best alfredo sauce you’ve ever had.

14. Bru’s Breakfast Bowl – Depot Kitchen & Market

Right in the heart of Hattiesburg, you’ll find the cozy Depot Kitchen & Market. With gorgeous interior design, excellent staff, and a pleasant atmosphere, you’ll never want to leave this small restaurant.

You’ll find plenty of breakfast and lunch choices at Depot Kitchen & Market. From breakfast rolls to light sandwiches, oatmeal, roasted veggies, and smoked ham. However, the best thing to have with your morning coffee is Bru’s Breakfast Bowl.

It’s a simple cheddar biscuit served with bacon, sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese. You’ll never have a better breakfast than this.

15. #10 Can Nachos – El Rayo

El Rayo is another restaurant established by Robert St. John, the chef responsible for Crescent City Grill’s success. Thoroughly remodeled, the restaurant is the embodiment of Tex-Mex cuisine, making it one of the top choices for small family outings, birthday celebrations, and friend gatherings.

Of all the appetizers at El Rayo, can nachos is the top choice. Can Nachos have two types of queso, beef picadillo, chipotle salsa, pickled onions and jalapenos, and pico de gallo, all served in a fun can, as the name suggests.

Start your meal with Can Nachos, try dishes like cantina skillet or the original combo plate, and top it all off with delicious tequila.


Of over 200 local pubs, eateries, and restaurants in Hattiesburg, MS, these are the best of the best. Besides serving delicious foods, they offer unique experiences, fantastic service, and excellent drinks. Be sure to visit at least one of these restaurants during your next stay at Hattiesburg, and see for yourself just how amazing they are.


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